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Business meetings is an extremely important aspect, carried out by the trade departments, that have a measurable impact on the amount of sales generated. The number of business meetings often determines number of completed transactions, and therefore it is worth to take advantage of all the opportunities and tools that affect the high efficiency of the implemented actions. Arranging business meetings is our specialty in which we can offer a comprehensive service so your company can count on our professional help.

Making appointments for sales representatives done by our company gives a range of benefits for your business. It is a factor, which enables your salesmen to focus time on generating sales because they get ready leads, which require only a few necessary actions to complete the transaction. Appointments by phone provided by our outsourcing services will also effectively reduce the cost of operations. This solution should give you a lot of benefits!

To find potential customer who is interested in the offer is the most difficult and costly activity of the salesmen. The first contact and getting to decision makers often causes a lot of difficulties and takes a lot of valuable time for most salesmen. This results in the insufficient efficiency of the sales division, and consequently the entire process of selling.

Making appointments by professionally prepared call center allows companies and their salesmen to focus completely on the utilization of its sales potential in direct talks with customers. It significantly improves work of commercial structures, while reducing costs.







  • Making appointments like lead generation proceeds in stages. During the talks at first we conduct a customer’s qualification, then we build an interest over the offer and then arrange meeting with a salesman in a certain time and place.
  • We call as many times as needed to guarantee success and obtaining additional information about the company, which can be used in the future.
  • We also support telephone campaigns by e-mails sending ( it may include brochures, which shall sustain the interest of the potential Customer, or confirming an appointment).
  • We plan the work of the salesman to reach best possible efficiency by organizing his calendar of meetings and logistics of work, while ensuring an individual approach to each of the prospective customers.
  • We build model of contacts very similar to the contacts performed directly from Partner’s headquarters.


  • Helps you plan your time traders and the distribution of their activity in a given time in a given territory
  • Initiates direct contact with a person’s decision-making in the company, after the submission of its initial offer, also via e-mail
  • It enables the customer to get professional advice in choosing the preferred option in the offer, at the stage of first contact
  • It helps to verify the effectiveness of your marketing strategy
  • It provides information about the market absorption
  • Explores the patency of the channel of communication with the customer

Do not wait! Verify that the service call center for your business is profitable and increase its revenue. Any risk activities we assume, because we know that it is difficult otherwise than in everyday, practical action to determine what is needed to grow your business and increasing its market chances of success.

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