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Chat online

The study, conducted in 2014 revealed that up over 70% of customers were satisfied with communication through chat.

Internet chat appears on most interactive websites and online stores, acting by a new, fundamental channel of communication with the customer. This communication channel used in the sales process and support for building a relationship with the Internet. It allows you to carry on a conversation with a potential client during his visit to our website. The application allows you to define sales targets and measure the conversion rate.

Chat is:

  • Immediate communicated customer with your brand,
  • Control of a conversation,
  • The ability to perform a variety of other tasks at the same time,
  • Cheaper solution than a phone call,
  • Not embarrassed,
  • It provides anonymity.


The benefits of the operation of the chat:

  • Control of incoming traffic,
  • Active inviting conversation,
  • Increase customer satisfaction – a powerful tool to support them,
  • Increase competitive advantage in the industry,
  • Joining a group of innovative entities using innovative solutions.




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