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Synergy services IPTCC involves the use of solutions involving the combination / coupleth share sales to the performance monitoring of receivables.

We are touring its efforts to implement both, effectively selling your services and goods. Using the skills a team of specialists – take control of the repayment of debt repayment improving. As a result, the money goes to your account faster, with less delay.


Hooking share sales

monitoring receivables

back office services

mass mailing correspondence


  • Sales of the IPT Call Center includes a range of activities aimed at achieving set sales targets, the use of the tool call center. We support the activities of our marketing partner. Responsible for sales growth, and consequently, for maximizing your revenue.
  • To ensure the comprehensiveness of our services complement sales of back-office services, consisting in the implementation of mass dispatch of correspondence and goods (on which your order may be in our warehouse). In this case, the products are delivered within 48 hours of shipping using alternative mail and courier.
  • In the next step we are taking action on the monitoring or recovery. Implement agreed with partner strategy – leading to a certain stage and a fixed expired – campaigns like the need to complete the payment. If necessary, start the action profile strict debt collection. Legal action and enforcement by the Law Office IPT Skrzyński Sp. Partnership.

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