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Databases are essential in many business activities. They are used both by marketing departments as well as departments that are focused on direct sales generating. Reliable and up-to-date customers’ base is a factor which often has a measurable impact on the financial situation of the company, so you should systematically build business databases of your company.

Unfortunately, this is time-consuming operation and requires compliance with the relevant legal regulations, but thanks to our company, you can get access to extremely valuable information in a fast and convenient way. Our offer takes into consideration both B2C and B2B databases that are being prepared for specific client. They have personalized targets according to clients’ guidelines, therefore allow to obtain high conversion of implemented actions. Sale of the database is currently the most effective solution, that create various benefits for your company. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in this field and certainly you will not regret.







We have several million database records and also access to instantly updated and valuable businesses, consumers and e-mails databases. You can buy our records – also without the need to contract our call center operations.

We provide consulting services for our partners. We carry out custom orders by verifying the availability of databases at the market in cooperation with a number of databases brokers.

Thanks to us you may:

  • Define the optimum criteria and search a database
  • Realize rental and purchase of the records
  • Verify, update and standardize data from various sources
  • Prepare data for processing and deduplication with the use of IT solutions.
  • Register created database at GIODO (governmental unit responsible for personal data protection)
  • Implement data protection policy.

A database is a collection of data saved in a specific way in a format that allows easy sorting and filtering of the data. The collection of such data/information is called a record. The record contains information such as company name, the name of people working in the company, address, phone number, etc.

Each field is used to store the data from different categories. Thanks to this the electronic database enables rapid sorting of records according to different categories or search for information within the selected fields only.

An electronic database, in contrast to the card index databases that are widely available on the market, can be selected according to defined criteria. The key for effective extraction of information is the standardization of the content given in record’s elements.
Since 2004 we constantly expand the number of criteria for the selection of electronic databases. We may realize and obtain new records for special orders from our Clients.

Currently available selection criteria:

  • Type of business activity – acc. to EKD or PKD
  • Type of business line
  • Company name
  • Street (and building/apartment number)
  • Zip code
  • City,
  • Commune
  • County
  • Legal form
  • Localization (province),
  • Contact person
  • Employment (in ranges)
  • E-mails
  • Web sites,
  • Cell phones
  • landlines
  • faxes,
  • turnover (in ranges)
  • B2B database statistics (subsite)

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