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This tool allows you to maintain regular contact with clients and overseeing the ongoing relationship with them. It provides your customers with a sense of care and attention to their vital interests. The activities of the hotline is a financial success and image enhancement – supporting the implementation of your essential services.

What gives you the hotline:

  1. query handling – providing information about your company and its products or services;
  2. implementation of receiving orders – trade hotline
  3. presentation of the offer
  4. support the operation accepting payment
  5. service invoices, their service or issuing duplicates
  6. a comprehensive solution for receiving and handling complaints or complaints.







As we operate in IPTCC?
  • When the hotline use one individually selected phone number (we can take an existing or create a free for you any);
  • We provide a team of consultants;
  • The hotline is operated in flexible hours – you decide at what time;
  • In addition, we provide leading call center type help_desk 24 / day as a center for technical assistance and substantive;
  • We provide automatic handling incoming calls, with a guarantee receipt of each call, including simultaneous support of several incoming calls to the same number;
  • We use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – voice announcement allows for selection of menu options using the telephone keypad – possibly in different languages;
  • We provide voice mail allows to leave a message for the customer with a guarantee of re-contact through the hotline;
  • We permanently recording and monitoring of conversations to ensure the highest quality of our services.

Do not wait! Verify that the service call center for your business is profitable and increase its revenue. Any risk activities we assume, because we know that it is difficult otherwise than in everyday, practical action to determine what is needed to grow your business and increasing its market chances of success.

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