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In recent years a rapid development of the call contact centers’ outsourcing is noticeable. New companies which offer such type of services appeared on the market, but not all of them can guarantee optimal level of service and satisfying effects of the implemented measures. The main reason for the lack of effectiveness of telemarketing companies is the lack of trained professionals who know how to motivate customer during phone call for a specific purchase decisions.

Our priority is to create financial success of your company by implementing effective telemarketing campaigns by using tools of the call/contact center. Our wide customer base allows us to identify and select companies and persons for your target group.

We present your products or services by using experience and professionalism of our telemarketers and subsequently convince customers to take advantage from your offer. Reaching customers on a mass scale, which is enabled by telemarketing – one IPT consultant within one month is able to reach up to 1500 potential clients – makes your offer more accessible, well-known and commercially attractive.






We are effective – we can sell even the most difficult product. We work on a “success fee” basis (remuneration for realized sale) – but only if together with Partner we are able to clearly define sales effectiveness in a given base, product or service. During campaigns we also diagnose market and then share gained knowledge about preferences of your customers with you. All telephone calls are recorded and the results are shown in the reports.

Features of the telemarketing

  • The tools of sales support and marketing activities are used by means of telephone
  • Its effectiveness is the highest if a group of potential customers is thoroughly selected ( correctly prepared database)
  • Allows to keep database up to date
  • Is preceded by tests needed for optimizing necessary parameters of the future campaign
  • Consultant performs presentation of the company and offer and also identifies customer.
  • Saves costs of implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Simplifies access to the customer for employees of the sales departments

Thoroughly study the product or service
This is an important issue affecting the effectiveness of telemarketing. Your interlocutor during conversation will certainly ask you about the key issues concerning goods or services offered, so you should have the knowledge which will enable you for quick and concise answer. If you underestimate this point the interlocutor will quickly sense lack of your professionalism and will end conversation as quickly as possible.

Learn about your customer before phone call
You should get as much information as possible about the potential customer during preparation for the phone call. If it is a company then getting basic information about its business profile should not pose much of a problem. Such action does not take more than five minutes, and will certainly ensure much greater efficiency of the telephone sales.

Use your creativity
Constant repetition of the call script is tiring not only for you but also for the caller, who certainly have heard similar content in his handset. Show that you are not the person who mindlessly read formulas that were prepared earlier. The script directs you to the key issues, but it is worth experimenting and introduce derogation that are adapted to the circumstances.
Love your job
Remember that optimism is a way to success in many disciplines. It is also needed in call center services, without it there would be no telemarketing. If you are not convinced of what you are doing then your dislike will be passed on the recipient. Always act bravely and with energy. Show your caller that you are confident professional, who may offer best possible solution.

Effective telemarketing is not an intake skill. It is something we need to learn through systematic work and improving our skills. This discipline is for ambitious people focused on goals and who are difficult challenges. If you are such a persons, then this post will help you with many issues.

Sales in the background
Most of people who work in the call center sector in the first phase of the phone call
informs the recipient of a sensational solution that will meet all their expectations. However starting phone talks with the topics aiming on directing into transaction is a major mistake. Most people do not like if someone “cram” brazenly especially that imposed time pressure effectively deters from acquainting the offer. The first phase of the phone call should be focused on relationships building, examination of the client’s needs and stimulating initial interest.

Pass the initiative
Sales psychology is extremely interesting, yet complicated sphere. It is evidenced by the fact that most people do love shopping, but very often any attempt of initiating sales gives negative results. Take advantage of this knowledge and redirect telephone conversation in such way that the recipient himself expresses its interest and initiates sales process.

The magic of words
A lot of people who represents telesales notoriously use such words like promotion, offer, or an attractive price. These words in times of call centers work more like a deterrent to the potential customers. We advise you to complete the conversation script with such expressions like: opportunities, possibilities and proposal. These are the words that are less invasive, yet highly effective in the telesales.

Adjust conversation style to the recipient
It is a very difficult skill, but mastering it guarantees surprising results. It consists of adjusting your tempo of conversation, intonation, vocabulary and speech style to the character of the caller. Such activity allows recipient to feel very comfortable from a psychological point of view, we are positive about people who are similar to us.

Remember that the telesales is a constantly evolving field. New methods and techniques are being created, that will help increase effectiveness of the measures implemented. This is sector which requires continuous tracking of current trends and skills developing. We hope that our article, helped you systematize your knowledge in this field.

Do not wait! Verify that the service call center for your business is profitable and increase its revenue. Any risk activities we assume, because we know that it is difficult otherwise than in everyday, practical action to determine what is needed to grow your business and increasing its market chances of success.

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